Entry #81

SHIFT5 Published !

2016-12-05 16:03:13 by TechLeSSWaYz

PUBLISHED AND READY TO ROCK! Just know, Flash gave me errors toward the end of this project, so this is the UNEDITED VERSION. Also I had to cut out alot of scenes. a 5 min fight to be exact.. but i think you'll like what I came up with so far !

Enjoy ! Please Review for me !





Anime above is Flip Flappers↑↑


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2016-12-19 07:52:32

Tech, it's been a while.
nice to see you are still an active member of the spriting community!


2016-12-24 16:43:23

Review for you? Hmhmhmhmhmhm. You KNOW I shall indeed do this, m'dear! I may be twio weeks week, but that's only because of a recent trip to South Africa.
And... Game Design getting in the way.

ANYWAY! Gotta go watch this SHIFT 5 you've cooked up.