Project Updates

2013-07-04 18:23:18 by TechLeSSWaYz

It's coming along smoothly. Slowly due to the fact that I'm working on 3 projects at once. lol But I do stream this occasionally. At one point this project was alittle hard for me because the protagonist doesnt have as many moves as Ciel in SHIFT1. But I somehow found a way around it.
I'll also have a preview image of SHIFT2 below.

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Random Select Collab
I have finally started work on my entry. I have it all in my head and it shouldn't take that long to make. Can't wait to see everyone elses entry in this collab.

I have finally found an animator for my cartoons first animation. Litpower He's pretty good at what he does and I can't wait to get this partnership started! :) At one point, I was doing it alone, but as we all know.. I'm an illustrator and sprite animator...
For those who don't know my cartoon, HERE.
For those who doesn't know litpower, HERE.
And the voice actor of MEKO is, Piperann

Project Updates


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2013-07-04 19:22:46

Nice man. I can see your going to be pretty busy with this one. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see what you got for the collab.

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

I'll try! I'm actually going to try harder than I did with Sentinel D.


2013-07-05 08:20:12

I think you should use the other version of "SHIFT" on YouTube. x3

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

LOL! This guy! I need views too xD


2013-07-05 13:43:31

Love that, and can't wait for Shift two ;) keep it up :D

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thank you! I shall ^ ^


2013-07-06 23:17:28

So basically the roles are:
Animation - Litpower
Voice - Piperann
Chill out - You

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

LOL nooo~ I do everything else XD Storyboard, Backgrounds, Music, etc. Even the character design is mine :)


2013-07-07 18:48:13

Woot, woot! Meko's in da hooouse! Looking forward to it. :)