Sentinel Destruction Release Date

2013-02-16 13:08:15 by TechLeSSWaYz

After a few months of dedication we are finally in the final stage of Sentinel Destruction, with a promised release date.
February 19th
Of course we're working on last minute changes just in case, but overall I have a good feeling about this flash! I will say I'm having trouble uploading a mp4 format for apple lovers. So that might not be out on the 19th, maybe a different day. It will be available for the rest of the smartphones/tablets, not to mention youtube. :)
Also, has released my new shirt. I'm not asking for you to buy it, simply looking at it is enough for me. It may be a simple design, but it took me awhile to get it right. criticism is always needed, so fill free to comment and tell me what you think ^__^
Last but not least, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will hit the stores on Feb. 19! I'm buying it, and for those who are too, I hope you enjoy every last minute of the game! I know I will :)

Sentinel Destruction Release Date


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2013-02-16 23:55:54

At long last, it's coming.


2013-02-17 18:55:17

Yes! It's coming! So much has been put into this and thanks for Tech and R1665 for putting up with everyone's messy files lol. Other than that! Get ready everyone! :)