Entry #82


2017-05-24 22:01:24 by TechLeSSWaYz

Im currently working on SHIRT6. This will be my last upload to NG. After this, Im leaving.... Im whiching to youtube for good. Copy and bullsh*t got me feeling some type of way on here... So anyway yeah...

If you didn't know i published a ne animation, but I didnt upload it here. I'll post it below. 




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2017-05-25 15:20:37

You're one of the best sprite animator I know as well as my inspiration that got me started doing sprite animations; I can't blame you for making that move. With the music copyright issues here makes it hard for animators to truly express their craft to the fullest.
Also will be looking forward to...SHIRT6? lol Shift of course is what you meant.
Keep doing your thing T, if and when you leave your work will be miss here on NG.
Take care man and what is the name of the anime gif?


2017-05-31 23:31:49

Hope Shift6 is the best yet ^~^