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Syndicates is near.

2012-10-06 02:37:06 by TechLeSSWaYz

Ok I don't know how long this will take to finish, but What I cant say is I'm close... really close. I've been busy playing dead or alive 5(my favorite fighting game) But now that I'm pretty much a pro I'm going back to flash to finish this. so i try to do 5 hours a day of work.
Another reason this is taking me awhile is because I'm constantly making custom sprites for the flash. that usually takes me awhile because its time consuming... Swear it took me an hour to make two custom gif. but the ending results are nice. I'm feeling really good about this flash though.
I am having a bit of trouble... but I can get over it with the help of Adokin and Alaster
I'm glad to have Alaster helping once again by the way. He's helped me on street fighter epic series ALOT. :) I probably wouldnt have gotten that last episode published if it wasn't for his supervision and good music choice.

Syndicates is near.


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